We are a local telecom service provider in Australia. We are expertise in Telecom Site Acquisition, Technical Site Survey (Part of Site acquisition), Design, Integration, SSV (Single site verification), RF DT (pre and post DT analysis and recommendation) and commissioning services.

Telecom Site Acquisition and Survey:

We provide telecommunication site acquisition, design (SAE & D) and land access services in Australia. We have a local experienced team of property, town planning, engineering and project management. The responsibilities of a wireless telecommunications location acquisition specialist include preliminary research, Site investigation, lease negotiation, environmental planning, and review for conceivable arrival of a particular place for telecom site We report and survey the land for availability, radioactiveness and check for other environmental prohibitions on procurement exercises for destinations doled out to our clients and arrange with a variety of groups including design, zoning, and developing administration. We also help with budget arrangement and screen investing, arrange rent archives for telecom installation, travel to different locales, and go to extend meetings as required. Other formalities incorporate quality control, planning or helping with zoning and allow applications, and keeping an exact record database. No matter the size of the project, we offer a consistent approach to land access administration, environmental concerns and pre- and post-Indigenous social legacy impacts. To make sure your venture runs easily, our specialist groups prepare and actualize point by point natural affect evaluation and administration plans. We too conduct community consultations on your sake so your partners know the method is intensive and transparent.

Telecommunication Network Design

We approach the designing phase in two ways. New site development of the upgradation of the existing sites. If you have a piece of land in which the survey is done and want to develop a telecommunication tower or upgrade the existing one, Aus NewTechs can help you out. Drawing together a different range of technologies and information

from different sources allows us to provide whole-of-life solutions to our clients – without compromising integrity or reliability. We convey HFC and  Wireless base station design including structural, electrical, CAD drafting, Geographical Information Services (GIS), Field survey, HFC and Wireless base station design including structural, electrical, CAD drafting, versatile arrangements, from planning to design to build.


Depending on the nature of your project we select from a range of strategies in organizing development and cable arrangement, extending from coordinate furrowing to aerial cable construction. Our design team can back you over a range of particular arrangements of optical fiber transmission, Base transceiver station (BTS), Transmission Switches (access and aggregation),Base transceiver station (BTS), Transmission Switches (access and aggregation),” Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), information organizing, remote systems, Network Management Frameworks (NMS) and Operational Support Systems (OSS), and building standards. Underpinning our specialized skill is our national group committed to quality and safety. We have broad project administration strategies, get to set up and adaptable frameworks, and broad in-house specialized capabilities.

RF Drive Test

RF Drive testing is a method of measuring and assessing the coverage, capacity and Quality of Service (QoS) of a mobile radio network. Assessing Quality of Involvement (QoE) of 3G, 4G, and 5G portable networks in a particular zone by measuring throughput, network coverage, bandwidth, is of foremost significance to ensure high quality experience on a network. Drive testing captures exact real-word data of the RF environment when set beneath a certain set of natural and organized conditions.

New-age present day organized simulation procedures made it conceivable for engineers to form numerical demonstrations to assess organized execution. In spite of the fact that it is genuine to a few degree, the drive test in telecom still remains the center of the organized assessment preparation as network parameter settings change how the client navigates within the organized environment continuously.

So, a drive test in telecom is the leading conceivable arrangement for versatile arrange administrators (CSPs) to gather flag quality, portable organize inactivity, voice call KPIs etc alongside GPS coordinates and continually make strides in the network. RF drive test tools are also used to check coverage criteria of the installed cell towers and to evaluate if the cell tower sectors are providing the intended area of coverage as designed by Telcos. Data collected is stored in the log files and are further evaluated on RF logs post processing tools which usually have GIS based visualization capabilities. We are expert in RF drive test and log file analysis for obtaining network both physical and logical parameters to meet the desired output. Network voice and data quality depends on how the network RF parameter is designed and target based on operator traffic forecast. Thus the network quality and performance significantly depends on how the RF KPI is obtained and performed. It is vital work to perform drive test cluster wise and sometimes perform single site Rf verification to obtain the desired KPI output. Our teams are experienced on both RF drive testing to obtain drivetest log files and analysis of the log files.